Jar of Gold - Chunky Hazelnut

Jar of Gold - Chunky Hazelnut


All Ingredients are Organic or Wild Sourced: whole almonds*, Arriba Criollo cacao beans+, extra-virgin coconut oil*, coconut blossom nectar*, sun-dried Tahitian vanilla beans*, pink salt+

* Organic   + Wild Harvested

284 grams / 10 oz Jar

For extended freshness, keep refrigerated until ready to enjoy. Simply place in room temperature and allow the consistency to become spoon-able! Shelf-stable for 3 months. Made in Vancouver, BC.

Produced and Packaged by Huemanna.

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STONEGROUND: Creates glorious textures and consistencies. You will never find a layer of oil floating up top in our jars. Stone grinding also ensures low temperatures to protect our nutrients from heat. 

HANDCRAFTED: Every jar is made with the utmost integrity and care in Vancouver, BC. We love what we do and we are grateful we get to do it.

ORGANIC: Only organic or wild harvested ingredients are sourced. We choose consciously what goes into our bodies, our ecosystems, and our planet.

VEGAN:  Plants are powerful. We nurture our connection to the plant kingdom and the special medicines they carry.

RAW: Completely unroasted, unpasteurized, and unrefined.