"Hue" embodies the essence of vibrant color, bright radiance, and luminous shine—it is the aspect of color determined by the wavelength of light. "Manna" is symbolic for all miraculous things given freely by the Universe—divinely supplied spiritual nourishment. We believe this is the radical nature of true sustenance.

Huemanna exists to bring forth the highest vibration of food out into the marketplace, it is our passion to serve only real nourishment. We create healing foods to nurture balance and harmony within all facets of the human experience—empowering the great Universal truth that food and medicine are One.

May all beings everywhere experience the indescribable ecstasy of that which brings us from darkness to light.




Nature is my greatest teacher. I am always in awe when I take the time to look and see things simply as they are. Everything our Mother Earth provides is pure and filled with its own wisdom and teachings. From this perspective is where I am most inspired and spirited to create beauty and connection through nourishment.

It is with great reverence and joy for me to offer products that have transformed my own life with prayers that it will bring you expansion the way it has for me. Every step along the journey to bringing Huemanna into the world has been filled with meticulous care and earnest intentions for a healthier and more harmonious world.

The Jar of Gold Collection is my love letter to the magical alchemy between chocolate and nuts—a delightful enchantment of mine since childhood—and with this energy, I am spreading true nourishment amongst an awakening world.

May I touch your heart through your belly,

Monika Mar-Lee xox