What’s so special about Wild Heirloom Cacao?

Mother Nature does it best! Food grown in the wild is far more nutritious and even better tasting than their farmed counterparts. The highest form of farming is only mimicking nature at best. Our wild cacao trees are not grown in manicured rows, or exposed to likely contamination in the soil, water, air, or subjected to any other form of human interference. There are reasons why certain foods flourish and thrive in areas that are their genetic origins and we are excited to celebrate and share this!


Is there caffeine in cacao?

Cacao naturally contains almost no caffeine but it does contain theobromine, which can stimulate the cardiovascular system, dilate blood vessels, and act as a mild diuretic. When cacao contains mycotoxins, molds, yeast, and/or fungus—those culprits are what cause the adrenal response of jitteriness that is similar to caffeine stimulation commonly found in low-quality cacao products.


What’s Activated Nut Butter?

At Huemanna—we soak, rinse, and dehydrate whole nuts before they are stoneground into nut butter perfection. Soaking nuts in purified water and pink salt removes phytic acids and enzyme inhibitors, this makes them more digestible and improves the body’s ability to absorb nutrients. The activation process increases their alkalinity while awakening the life force within the nut, beginning the germination. When whole nuts go from an energetic stage of dormancy to living, the nutritional value naturally multiplies. After soaking, our activated whole nuts are rinsed several times in purified water and gently dehydrated at low temperatures until thoroughly dried prior to stone grinding.

Why do you use coconut blossom nectar?

Coconut blossom nectar is a mineralizing and nutritious, low-glycemic sweetener—meaning its sugar releases slowly into the bloodstream and does not spike blood sugar levels the way cane sugars do. Traditional cane sugar is refined and has undergone a highly processed methodology that strips the sugar of its molasses, after being boiled and cooled—it is left devoid of all nutrients and results in a negative “crashing” side effect on blood sugar levels.


Why do you stoneground?

Stone grinding ensures our superfoods will stay at low temperatures to protect our precious nutrients and enzymes. A stone grinder produces unparalleled results in texture and consistency that simply cannot be achieved with ordinary metal blades. You will never find a layer of oil floating separate from our nut butters.


What’s the best way to eat these products?

Straight out of the jar by the spoonfuls is the way we like to do it! But try pairing with fresh fruits, melting for fondues, spreading onto toast, smothering crepes, pancakes or waffles, stirring into hot oatmeal or porridge, dropping dollops into your cookie batter, swirling into desserts, folding into baked goods, smearing as icing on your cake, scooping with apple chips, blending with spring water for rich hot chocolate or creamy chocolate nut milks (we love to make smoothies, tonics and elixirs using this as the base). The list is boundless and infinite… get creative and share with us your favorite ways to enjoy your Jar of Gold!


Do your products need refrigeration?

We recommend keeping it refrigerated until you are ready to enjoy. Simply dig right in or place in room temperature and allow the consistency to soften. Shelf stable for 3 months.


What's so great about raw?

It’s all about enzymes and minerals. Enzymes are only found in living cells, raw foods, or foods dehydrated at low temperatures (under 40 C / 115 degrees F). Enzymes help break down old food residuals and buildup in our digestive system. Without proper enzymes we begin to accumulate undigested matter. This leads to inflammation, digestive problems, weight gain, toxicity overload, and lack of energy. Our enzyme reserves directly correlate to our vitality and enzymes cannot function properly without the presence of minerals. Humans are mainly mineral dependent—approximately 90% of the body’s activities are run by minerals, not vitamins.

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