Our activated nut butters are made from using whole nuts, never pieces. Activated whole nuts are premium in quality, healthier, crunchier, fuller flavor and sweeter tasting. Activated whole nuts are considered as one of the most enzymatically rich foods with mineralizing nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants. 

Many nut butters sold on the market are made out of broken odds and ends because it's cheaper, but when a nut gets broken—it speeds up the oxidation process so the chances of rancidity increases and this can occur even before the pieces reach production. A broken nut cannot and will never activate or begin to germinate.



We activate whole nuts by soaking them in purified water and pink salt to remove antinutrient compounds such as phytic acids and enzyme inhibitors that are inherent in all raw nuts—they reduce the body’s ability to absorb nutrients properly. The activation process breaks down complex carbohydrates into simpler carbohydrates and proteins into separate amino acids—this is why activated nuts are easier to digest and aids the common cause of bloating. Activating nuts increases their alkalinity while initiating the germination process—awakening the life force within unleashes their complete nutritional value as they transform from an energetic stage of dormancy to living. Just think about the prana and power within a creation that is emerging into existence!



After soaking and several rounds of rinsing—our activated whole nuts are dehydrated at low temperatures to remove excess moisture while protecting their enhanced enzymatic and enriched nutrient profile.



We use a triple-directional stone grinder to create the creamiest-to-chunkiest and everything-in-between textures and consistencies that are just not possible to produce with conventional nut butter machines. Ever wonder why there's a layer of oil floating on top of your nut butter? This is why we choose to stone grind. Stone grinding also ensures low temperatures to protect our nutrients and enzymes from heat.


Zero-Plastic Process

Our products do not come into contact with plastic during any stage of production. We soak in glass jars, dehydrate on stainless steel trays, and stone grind with granite. Even the tools we use for measuring, scooping, scraping, containing, pouring, etc—are all made out of natural materials such as wood, bamboo, rubber, glass, and steel. We also clean and sanitize with natural, eco-friendly, non-toxic cleansers because there's always a healthier way to do things. It is vital to not only protect ourselves but also our most fundamental resource—water.